What is goji?

GOJI is a team of talents at the service of YouTubers and online video content creators. By keeping in mind audience growth, we offer personalized guidance in audience growth, development of new multiplatform opportunities, relationships with brands, as well as content creation support and content marketing.


Why join GOJI?

A personalized accompaniment, a team that is available, an offer that evolves and adapts to the needs of each one of our talents, the strength of a powerful network and its resources of renowned partners. There are many other reasons to join our collective of talents as a YouTuber, contact us and we will get a chance to tell you more!



No! GOJI is a collective of talents. We associate with YouTubers before associating with their YouTube channel. If the channel is the main element of the online presence of our creators, we consider that it is the starting point to other opportunities, which we will help you fulfil.


Will I have access to all bid solicitations and opportunities treated by GOJI?


Always! Our YouTubers are our partners, and we work together on developing their brand. This collaboration takes place in total transparency. Furthermore, no project or request will be imposed to GOJI members.



Who owns the content produced during my partnership with GOJI?

You! And that will never change. Under no circumstances will you assign your intellectual property rights to GOJI by joining the collective.


Is the agreement with GOJI exclusive to a media group?

No. GOJI is supported by a great media group allowing us to offer to our YouTubers a privileged access to a number of resources and multiplatform opportunities (television, magazines, edition, etc.). However, we also work on the development of our collective with other partners, in Quebec and internationally.


Will I be able to develop my own projects?


Yes! And if we can help you develop your projects, no matter what they are, we will be happy to support you.

More questions ? Contact-us!