In a YouTube universe where young girls doing beauty tutorials are the most conspicuous personalities, Billy Rioux sets himself apart. But all passions get a share of voice on YouTube, and Billy is living proof. Billy Rioux tells us more about what led him to YouTube and why he is still on board, 4 years on.


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How did you start YouTube?


4 years ago, a friend who is also a YouTuber, Mike Barton (bushcraftbartons) convinced me to make a video with him. At first, I thought he was kind of weird with his camera and I didn’t really believe in the power of the whole thing. Then, with his help, I started my own channel, out of curiosity. After a couple of videos, I was hooked too. We were now 2 “weird” guys!


Tell us more about your channel: who is it for? What’s in it?


I have 2 separate channels, one in French and the other in English. I’m crazy like that! I publish “survival in the woods” and bushcrafting videos on both, with a hint of DIY. My French channel is aimed to a large public, from 16 to 70 years old, who are interested in adventure, nature and the open air in general, and who also like watching happy Billy in the woods. My channel in English is for people who have a more hardcore interest in bushcrafting and survival in nature.


Which video of yours makes you proudest?


My spruce bark canoe video is pretty much up there!


What piece of advice would you give to a YouTuber who’s starting out?


Have fun, have fun and have fun! That’s the only thing you should think about. Being passionate allows you to avoid feelings of jealousy, judging, disappointment and keeps you going. So you should love what you do, no matter what!


Are there people who inspire you?


A lot of them, but in a nutshell: all the people who I come across and who have that twinkle in their eyes and who dare think differently. And YouTube is full of those!


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